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Labradoodle...We are a small Australian Labradoodle breeder of top quality labradoodle puppies. Listed below is our Labradoodle Information and Labradoodle Facts. Our Australian Labradoodles puppies are bred for superior health, temperament and conformation.

A dull day, sad day, a frustrating day - but everything seems bright when a small furry object hurls into your arms and tells you how very glad he is to see you home.
Pam Brown, b.1928 Australian Labradoodles

Labradoodle Information Links

  1. Allergies and Labradoodles
  2. Application: Labradoodle Application
  3. Blog: Our family blog spot:
  4. Blog: Our Labradoodle and Canine Health blog:
  5. Breed Standard: Labradoodle Breed Standard
  6. Breeding Parent Dogs: Our Labradoodle Breeding Dogs
  7. Breeding Rights
  8. Care: Labradoodle Care
  9. Coat: Our Labradoodles Coat
  10. Colors: Labradoodle Color
  11. Color: Sable Color
  12. Contact: About Us and Contact
  13. Cost: Labradoodle puppy Price
  14. Favorite Doodle Stuff: A few of our favorite things we purchase for our Labradoodles
  15. Gender Differences: Male or Female Gender
  16. Grooming: how to Groom a labradoodle
  17. Guardian homes in Tampa, Cincinnati and Charlotte
  18. Health Guarantee
  19. Home Environment: Our Home
  20. Kids: Kids and Labradoodles
  21. News: Rainmaker Ranch in the news
  22. Pictures: Click for Labradoodles Picture Gallery and Recent Litters
  23. Price: Labradoodle puppy Price
  24. Process: Adoption Process
  25. Rescue: Labradoodle Rescue
  26. Shedding: do labradoodles Shed
  27. Shipping: or Pick up your Labradoodle puppy
  28. Size: of our Labradoodles
  29. Spay,Neuter
  30. Toy Labradoodles
  31. Training: How to train a labradoodle
  32. Trainer SC: Dog and Puppy Trainer in SC we love
  33. Trainer Charleston: Dog training in Charleston
  34. Trainer OH: Dog and Puppy Trainer in OH we love
  35. Types: Different Labradoodle Types
  36. Temperament: labradoodle Temperament
  37. Service Dogs: Labradoodles in Service and Therapy
  38. Underbites: Labradoodles and Underbites
  39. Veterinarian, Ohio for Kathy
  40. Veterinarian, Ohio for Sophie
  41. Veterinarian, Charleston for Crystal
  42. Veterinarian, Tampa for Krista
  43. Veterinarian, Orlando for Krista
  44. Wait , Coming litters: Labradoodle Puppies
  45. What about Associations AKC, CKC, ILA, ALAA, ALCA
  46. Other Recommended Breeders
  47. Okay so this is a website we like with puppy dog names
  48. Labradoodle Dog - Your #1 resource for Labradoodle information. Featuring articles, resources, information, news, links, gifts and much more!
Chocolate Labradoodle

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