Australian Labradoodle Puppy Application

Puppy Application


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Labradoodle Puppy Application for Rainmaker Ranch

Please fill out the following application. If accepted you will receive an acceptance via email and a copy of our information package.

Application review usually takes one to three days. Once your application is accepted you may send a deposit, check or paypal, to be put on our wait list. Deposits are not refundable. If looking around, please note there are crazy breeders and puppy mills out there so be careful and check out everyone as much as possible, just use Google to search for their kennel on the net. Be sure and know what type of labradoodle you want, Australian, F1, F1B or Multigen when looking.

Please note this is not the only information we will ask of you. Once on the wait list and selecting a litter we send out a family profile questionnaire. This profile will give us more details on your puppy plans and your family. This application is to be accepted for a Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodle puppy and get on our wait list (after you are accepted and send in a deposit). The family profile we send out later helps us match you to a puppy within the litter and of the gender and color you have selected, when the time comes. IF you have questions concerning our process, go to the LINKS and FAQ link to the left and you will be taken to an alphabetical list of links, one is Process and has a step by step guide.

Please provide your Family Name:

Your location (City and State):

Email Address, required:

Phone number

Where would your puppy, then dog, live? Inside primarily, outside, both?

What training methods do you prefer? Do you have a trainer?

Have you had dogs before as an adult (you have trained a puppy)?

Do you currently have dogs, what are their ages? Are they spayed/neutered?

Do you have cats or other animals?

Where did your previous dogs live (Inside, Outside)?

How long do you see your puppy staying alone as puppy, then dog? Does your family work away from home? For how long?

When you are out of town/work, what are your plans to accommodate the dog?

Do you have kids? What ages?

Why have you selected a labradoodle?

Do you understand we have a wait list and if you are specific on color, gender, and size it could take 2 months to 10 months to have a puppy meeting your specifics?

Please provide any additional information you would like us to read:

What size dog (as adult) are you interested in? Please check all that apply:

I am interested in a Standard Size (22 inches to shoulder or taller and about 45 to 65 lbs the size of a sheepdog)
I am interested in a Medium (18 to 22 inches to the shoulder and about 35 to 45 lbs the size of a Labrador)
I am interested in a Mini (14 to 18 inches to the shoulder and about 20 to 35 lbs the size of a cocker)
I am interested in a Micro Mini /Toy (14 inches to the shoulder and under about 18-20 lbs, most of ours are on the larger end of this size range) NOTE: the current wait for the micro mini size is at least 9-12 months
Are you open to a Male or Female? If Yes click, if No leave blank
Do you want a Male only? If Yes click, if No leave blank
Do you want a Female only? If Yes click, if No leave blank

What Color are you interested in? Please note we honor general color requests only. Once on a litter list we honor color requests (for example apricot or black and white parti), you cannot request a specific parti pattern (for example, the one with the white spot on the right) or the lighter apricot. Once on a specific litter list, gender and general color set by you, we select and place puppies from the litter with families on that litter list based on temperament and a match between the puppy personality testing and your family profile. Temperament is critical to us and we feel the best choice for any family. If this is unacceptable please do not apply.

Check all that apply:

Are you looking for a Cream?
Are you looking for a Apricot to Red?
Are you looking for a Chalk (White)?
Are you looking for a Parti (Multicolored, two color)?
Are you looking for a Chocolate?
Are you looking for a Cafe (light chocolate)?
Are you looking for a Black Silk (see colors in FAQ for details)?

Describe your ideal dog and what activities he/she would participate.

How did you find our website, please help us? For example, a previous owner, general search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, another breeders site links, Association Website,, Premium breeders site

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