Early Spay or Neuter with Laser Surgery

Spay Neuter Requirements


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Our spay or Neuter requirements


ALL our puppies are spayed or neutered as a requiremnt of purchase.

We recommend spaying and neutering between 8 weeks and before 4 months. Females come into heat between 7 and 12 months and you want to spay before that for the best health of the dog. Males testicles drop between 3 and 9 months and you definitely want to do it before.

Typical old school was 6 months, and that still is acceptable. However, new research points to early spay and neuter before 16 weeks of age to have less problems and quicker recovery time. Yes, it eliminates all heat cycle in the female.

Spay or Neuter costs are included with a Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodle.

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