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How small do labradoodles get? Under 14" to the shoulder and about 20 lbs is a Toy or Micro Mini Labradoodle Puppies. Toy Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodles come in four sizes: Standard, Medium, Miniature and Micro Mini Labradoodles. The breed standard defines Miniature as 14 to 17" to the shoulder, and usually about 25 lbs. Micro Mini labradoodles (Toy labradoodles) are under 14" to the shoulder and usually about 15 to 20 lbs max.

Our Micro Mini litters are advertised as Micro Mini to Mini size. This is because a puppy in the litter can hit the mini size due to the fact that our Australian Labradoodle Moms are micro mini and the Australian Labradoodle Dad is a small mini. We refuse to use toy poodles. Therefore, the parents, grandparents and great grandparents of our puppies are Australian Labradoodles. We do not breed curly coated, so your micro mini puppy will look like a doodle, not a poodle. Please be careful, look at the parent dogs of any breeder and compare them to our parents. All puppies are cute, but looking at the adults will give you an idea of what your dog will look like as an adult.

Our main concern with the breeding of Micro Mini labradoodles is to maintain the temperament, coat, health and conformation of their larger counterparts. Therefore, again we do NOT breed directly with toy poodles.

Finally, with careful breeding, we do have one line that fits the description of toy labradoodles or micro mini labradoodles, generally considered under 20 lbs, our toy labradoodles average about 18 lbs.

It has taken us 14 years to bring down the size and retain the soft fleece coat, wide body and same temperament.

Pictured is Thelma (you can see the coffee table in the back ground) she is just 18 lbs and her shoulder is below the coffee table if she ducks she can walk under the coffee table). Also pictured is Louie (chocolate and white) who will be Thelma's husband (in the photo he is still a puppy).

Our Micro Mini labradoodles are Thelma, Jojo, River and Luna.Toy Labradoodle Florida

No one thinks labradoodles can come this small, well just meet one of ours and you will realize that big or small labradoodles are laid back, happy, sweet, very smart and comically silly.

Please note the wait can be long for this size as we only have 4 litters a year of Micro Mini.


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