Labradoodle Sizes

Mini Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodle or Standard Labradoodle, what is the difference?


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Standard Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodle or Mini Labradoodle: Labradoodle Sizes


Australian Labradoodles come in three sizes: Standard, Medium and MiniatuStandard Labradoodlere Labradoodles.

  • Our Standard Labradoodles are about 21" to 22" to the shoulder 45-55lbs on average. The breed standard for "Standard Labradoodles" is 21" and up.


  • Our Medium Labradoodles are 17-20" to the shoulder and weigh 30 to 40 lbs on average..


  • Our Miniature Labradoodles are 14-17" to the shoulder and around 20-30 lbs on average.


Labradoodle sizes



Top: Roxie (Standard), Callie (Medium) and Bella (Mini)

Middle: Kiwi (Medium)and Luke (Mini)

Bottom: Stella (Standard) and Callie (Medium)




Mini Labradoodle























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