Labradoodle Sizes

Mini Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodle, Standard Labradoodle, or Micro Mini Labradoodle, what is the difference?


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Standard Labradoodle, Medium Labradoodle or Mini Labradoodle: Labradoodle Sizes


What size do labradoodles come in? Australian Labradoodles come in four sizes: Standard, Medium, Miniature and Micro Mini Labradoodles.

  • Our Standard Labradoodles are about 21" to 22" to the shoulder 45-55lbs on average. The breed standard for "Standard Labradoodles" is 21" and up.
  • Our Medium Labradoodles are 17-20" to the shoulder and weigh 30 to 40 lbs on average.
  • Our Miniature Labradoodles are 14-17" to the shoulder and around 20-30 lbs on average.
  • Micro Mini Labradoodles, are under 14 inches to the shoulder and less than 20 lbs on average. We do have one line (Thelma, Jojo, Luna, River) that many may call toy labradoodles, petite labradoodle or micro mini labradoodles, generally considered under 20 lbs and about 14 inches or less to the shoulder. We have 4 Micro Mini girls and breed them to a Mini boy. The size can vary between Micro Mini and Mini. Note: We do NOT breed toy poodles at all into our program, we only breed mutligenerational labradoodles due to our concern for temperament and health. Therefore, we cannot guarantee size (expecially at the micro level). We can only make an educated guess based on previous litters. Some get close to the mini size. We only have a few litters a year of Micro Mini and the wait can be long.Labradoodle sizes



Top: Roxie (Standard), Callie (Medium) and Bella (Mini)

Middle: Kiwi (Medium)and Luke (Mini). Luke is Charlie's dad.

Thelma, Micro Mini Labradoodle at 18 lbs.

Bottom: Stella (Standard) and Callie (Medium)Toy Labradoodle


Toy Labradoodle Thelma







Mini Labradoodle
























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