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The Sable LabradoodleSable Parti Labradoodle

The Labradoodle can be a single allele Sable (ay) or have one or two Sable alleles (ay,ay) ether way the dog will be sable.  Some sables have other genes that mask the sable. Sable can come with a black mask and tail (usually does) or not and so far I have seen tan sables and red sables all depending on the influence of other genes in the mix.  I am sure there are many variations and know of chocolate sables and silver sables however I am only going to explain the few we have here are Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles, the Red Sable and the Tan Sable.

Our breeding dogs Luna and Charlie (retired) are both Sable Parti. Jojo and Thelma produce Sable with Sully. The picture is a Sable Parti with a Black Mask from Thelma and Sully.

Red Sable with a Black mask (same dog at 6 weeks and 6 months)

Red Sable Labradoodle Red Sable Labradoodle

Tan Sable with a Black Mask (same dog at 6 weeks and 6 months)

Tan Sable Labradoodle Puppy Tan Sable Labradoodle


Red Sable Labradoodle PuppyA hair strand can produce more than one type of melanin, and can alternate production in such a way that some hairs, such as most of those on a sable dog, are dark-tipped, followed by a lighter midpiece and an even lighter or darker base.  The banding or alternating between dark and light sections results in a beautiful variety of colorations in the breed.

The definition of a sable pattern should refer to the hairs being tipped with black.   Some dogs like the German Shepard shed hair so these sable dogs always have new hair growth and that growth has the black tip.  The Labradoodle does not shed (as much as a dog does not shed) and therefore you groom the dog and cut the black tips off.  The black tips will only reappear on a hair that is new growth (so a hair that has been pulled out and is actually re growing from the beginning).  Therefore a groomed Sable Labradoodle looks red or tan.

The difficulty is determining exactly what color the dog will turnout at birth. The dog is black at birth because its coat is only 1/8 of an inch long. As time passes you begin to see the later sections but that can take up to 4 weeks. So any dog we breed from charlie that is black or black/white parti can be sable and the answer is always a wonderful surprise.

The mask is yet another allele, Em, and shows up as a black muzzle and black portion of the tail.  Although the dog is a sable these black hairs remain black.  Although the mask Em is a different allele than the sable Ay it tends to stick with the sable ay allele so rarely does a white dog have a black mask, at least in this breed. 

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Sable Parti Doodle Parti Sable Labradoodle






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