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If you can't wait for us, here are our friends we trust... We have listed a few breeders we feel have an excellent program. There are four reasons we would purchase a puppy or allow one of our family members purchase a puppy from one of these wonderful breeders. One, they have high health standards in their dogs, the pedigrees of their dogs and are knowledgeable in what is required to breed healthy dogs. Two, when it comes to ethics and honoring your word I trust these individuals. Three, the temperament, conformation and health of their puppies and parent dogs are among the top of the industry. Four, they value the parent dogs as beloved pets first. We do not get any money for these referrals, we just want potential families to find the best possible healthy puppies and wonderful breeders. Anyone can make false claims that they are the best, finest, and more, but I think it means quite a bit for another breeder to put their reputation on the line for someone else. There are doodle puppy mills, kennel operations bordering on puppy mills, unethical breeders, dishonest people selling non-existent or sick puppies, check out everyone the best you possibly can.

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