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Guardian Program


Guardianship Details

We currently are looking for a guardian family within 75 miles of Tampa FL for a girl, Mini (about 17 inches to the shoulder and 25 lbs). IF you are interested please read below and let us know.  This puppy is not yet born and would be available mid 2018.

Guardianship in General

We want all of our dogs to live as happy family members. ALL our dogs live inside; we have no cages or kennels. We also only breed one and rarely two litters at a time and only then if we have an assistant available. This is so we can work with each puppy and family individually. We want our dogs to have lots of individual love and attention. This is why we only have a few of our dogs living in our home. The rest of our breeding dogs live in approved Guardian Homes. These homes are VERY carefully chosen.

The puppy will grow up in his or her Guardian Home as a loved family pet. If a girl, she will come to us to be bred and then again to have her puppies, boys coat met me for a "date" as needed. Once she or he is finished with their breeding career (typically four litters for a girl and age 4-5 for a boy) she or he will be spayed or neutered and then will reside permanently with their Guardian Family. If you live within a few hours of us and are interested in becoming a Guardian Family for one of our puppies please contact us.

  1. We will send you a copy of our guardian contract for you to review the process and standard requirements.
  2. You will need to fill out a standard puppy application and provide a vet reference/recommendation. If you do not have a vet we can contact a previous vet.
  3. You will have a personal interview
  4. We will visit your home
  5. You can have other pet dogs, just no other intact (not spay or neutered) dogs in the home.
  6. You are required to attend puppy training classes in your area with your guardian dog. We prefer our guardian dogs to become Canine Good Citizens (CGC) which allows them to be therapy dogs and visit hospitals and assisted living homes. We will provide you with a trainer in your area that offers CGC training and certification.

Being a Guardian Home for a us can be a wonderful way to have a loved family pet and experience to some degree the process of breeding. As we will breed them in our home, and allow a few visits and lots of photos of the puppies for the guardian family.

About the program

Once their breeding career is under way, they come back to our home for breeding and whelping, boys for stud use. When the dog reaches age of retirement (typically 3-4 litters for a girl or the age of 4-5 for a boy) she or he is spayed or neutered by you, and the dog retires with you and enjoys the comfort of the home it has always known.

Guardian Families Must:

  • Live within a 100 mile radius of one of our locations
  • Have prior experience owning, raising, and training a dog
  • Attend at least 2 sessions of obedience classes
  • Understand (we will teach you) the issues involved with caring for an intact male or female and be willing to assume those responsibilities
  • Be willing to return the dog to us as need throughout the year for various reasons, including veterinary appointments, breeding, giving birth and raising puppies. Female breeders will stay with us for approximately 6-8 weeks following the birth of the litter. Males are needed for shorter periods of time, typically a three days for each breeding.
  • Be willing to communicate with us when needed regarding the general health and well being of the dog.
  • Be willing to accept and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules and the use of various medications.

There is a small cost (less than the pet price) to be a guardian, which is return via stipend for each breeding or stud use.

If you are interested in our guardianship program, please contact us. We will ask you to fill out an application. Qualified applicants will be contacted to come and meet the dogs and discuss in further detail the available dogs, puppies, and what to expect from our wonderful guardian program.

If you are interested in more details email us at


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