Australian Labradoodle Puppies Wait List

Labradoodle Puppies Wait List


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Labradoodle puppies Wait List

Australian Labradoodle Puppies available!



Current Australian Labradoodle Puppy Wait List

We have some openings in coming litters, don't let the wait list fool you. In most of the last litters we have gone to the bottom of the wait list each time. Families have specific wants so typically pass until they get the exact color and gender they want, which is fine, but makes the wait misleading.

Wait list of families expecting puppies, listed as Family, location, size, gender, and color preferred.

A bit about the wait list.   The wait can be long or short depending on who arrives in each litter (color, gender and size).  We typically go way down the wait list for each litter just because of preferences (girls versus boys, apricot versus chocolate, solid versus parti), timing (a family is just not ready when the litter would go home or has selected a specific time of year in mind) and location (some families want SC and some OH litters only). 

Based on historical choices, we typically go about all the way down the wait list or further for each and every litter.   

To estimate your wait. Write down your size, gender and color preference on a piece of paper. Look at the planned litter list of what is expected over the next six months in your size preference. Then count how many families want your preference. For example, if you want a Mini Solid Cream Boy, once looking all the way down the list you may find that you would be up for adoption first or second for that preference, and if we have a litter expecting mini solid colors including cream you may be up for that litter even if the litter is expected this month. Our average litter size is 6 for Micro Mini, 8 for Mini and 10 for Medium and Standard. Therefore, even if the wait looks long it may not be long based on the puppy type you are hoping to adopt.

PLEASE note that while a family may be listed for a specific color or size they can change their minds up until their puppy is born.

Wait List of Families:

  • Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles reserves the right to first pick for the future of our breeding program
  • Black Family, FL, Medium or Standard back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle (Holding)
  • Vance Family, MD Mini, Medium, Parti only Boy 
  • Gilbert Family, MA Medium, Parti only Girl 
  • Borg Family FL, Micro Mini
  • Gianni Family, FL Micro Mini Boy Parti only
  • Ramos/Rives FL, Medium to Standard Girl Chocolate
  • Hudson Family, SC Mini or Micro Mini Girl
  • Turner Family, FL Mini or Micro Mini Boy Parti back for a Third Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Farish Family, KY Micro Mini
  • Williamson Family, FL Micro Mini Girl, Parti, back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Schimmel Family, FL Medium Parti
  • Duggal Family, OH Standard, Apricot, or Black Silk
  • Kirschbaum Family, NY Micro Mini , back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Hirsh Family, TN Medium Chocolate, Black Silk, Parti
  • Wyatt Family, TX Mini to Medium Boy, back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Drolet Family, FL Micro Mini Girl Chocolate
  • Bartoszek Family, MT Medium or Mini Boy Chocolate
  • Leklem Family, FL Medium or Standard back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Lindholm Family, MA Standard Chocolate, Parti
  • Kopelman Family, FL Medium Chocolate or Apricot
  • Mastroianni Family, FL Mini or Micro Mini Girl, Parti, Chocolate, Apricot
  • Zemp Family, SC Medium Girl, Apricot
  • Colombo Family, FL Medium Apricot
  • Stanza Family, MO Medium Boy back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Tessier Family, FL Micro Mini Girl, Chocolate, Black Silk, Apricot
  • Jackson Family, GA Mini or Micro Mini Girl
  • Agnew Family, SC Micro Mini, Boy, Black Silk
  • Claypoole Family, SC Medium or Mini Parti, Apricot
  • Maltz Family, MI Medium Boy Parti
  • Hudnall Family, SC
  • Smith Family, NM Micro Mini Girl
  • Sjostrom Family, SC Mini
  • Drukteniis Family, FL back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Kerth Family, NJ Medium
  • Lenertz Family, FL Micro Mini to Mini
  • Dykema Family, CA Micro Mini Girl Parti
  • Sevilla Family, FL Micro Mini or Mini Chocolate or Parti
  • Hinkle Family, SC Medium
  • Walker Family, FL Mini or Micro Mini Girl
  • Canzano Family, FL Mini Girl
  • Church Family, NY Mini or Micro Mini Girl, Black Silk
  • Rogers Family, SC Standard Girl
  • Sylvia Family, FL Medium or Mini Apricot, Parti
  • Bodwell Family, NC Micro Mini Girl, Parti
  • Zundell-Lennane Family, FL Medium or Standard
  • Thomas Family, GA Micro Mini Parti
  • Davenport-Metzner Family, CA Micro Mini Girl
  • Giglio Family, IN back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Pound Family, NC Medium or Mini
  • Higgins Family, OH Micro Mini Girl
  • Robinson Family, TN Mini Girl, back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Reichert Family, FL Mini Chocolate
  • Lopez Family, FL Mini or Micro mini
  • McConaghay Family, CA Medium Girl Chocolate, Parti
  • Serrano Family, FL Mini to Medium Boy, Apricot, Chocolate, Parti
  • Everett Family, SC Standard or Medium
  • Seigler Family, SC Mini Girl chocolate and white parti, apricot , back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Castellanos Family, FL Mini or Micro Mini, Girl, back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Rudd Family, FL Standard to Medium, back for a Second Rainmaker Labradoodle
  • Trask Family, WA Micro Mini
  • Ward Family, FL and NC, Medium or Mini, Parti
  • Torrington Family, MO Medium Apricot or Red
  • Donath Family, IL Small Mini to Micro Mini
  • Wessels Family, NC Mini to Micro Mini, Parti
  • Malzacher Family, FL Mini to Medium, Boy, Parti, Apricot, Cream

YES we may have OPENINGS for the coming litter! Don't let the long list fool you, we typically go all the way to the bottom just due to family needs versus timing and gender/color choices.



Inactivity: If we cannot contact a family on the wait list over a period of 9 months, we will send 3 formal email requests for confirmation that you wish to remain on the wait list. If we still cannot reach you, we will find it necessary to remove your name from the list due to inactivity.

Deposit Refund Policy: Once you have sent in a deposit your family is added to the wait list. Your family will be offered puppies that match your family preferences, you may pass on one litter that matches your preferences due to personal issues. At this point your family will be on hold for the next litter that meets your needs. your deposit is not refundable, yet your family may opt to wait until your timing is right.

* measured to the shoulder

Rainmaker Ranch reserves the right of first selections/adoptions if necessary, for stud fee/exchange or to include as a part of our family in our future breeding program.

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